WSJ Group’s services include a broad range and capacity to meet your needs as our client.

As your consultant or lobbyist, our mission is be the trusted extension of your executive and governmental affairs team for your initiatives at the State, Federal or Local level.  This begins with strong consultation on your strategy, capital planning, and governance principles so that our team is fully advised on direction and mission.   Our core mission as a governmental relations firm is to maximize our strategic contacts advancing consideration for our clients initiatives and interests.

Wherever the location or the task that matches our skills, the team at WSJ Group is there to support you.

Quick Reference List of Services:

  • Advocacy and Lobbying
    • State, Federal & Local
  • Consulting
    • State, Federal & Local
  • Public Affairs
    • Election Campaigns
      • Strategy and Management
    • Campaign Consultation
    • Issue or Cause Influence Campaigns
      • National, Regional, or Statewide
  • Grant Applications advocacy
    • Federal, Private or State
  • Speech & Testimony Writing
  • Emergency Planning
    • Logistics Planning
    • Post Event Response
    • Supply Coordination
    • Consultation
    • Intermediary Support
Corporate Office Locations
Louisiana:   1306 Constantinople St., New Orleans, 70115
The District:   1916 R Street NW, Suite 306, Washington, 20009