Transportation and Infrastructure, Aviation, Automotive, Highways, Maritime, Rail, and Pipelines, including Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods

There are important legislative and regulatory initiatives related to transportation policy and funding continuously emerging and developing in Congress, the White House and related Executive Branch or Federal agencies.  Specific initiatives have the potential to impact numerous organizations, private corporations, and municipalities that could obtain significant benefits, or unfortunate disappointing results.

In addition to helping clients to affect favorable policy developments, WSJ Group provides customers guidance in their efforts to secure federal funding for bridge, road, highway, rail, port, air, freight, and inter-modal projects. We work with State, Local and municipal governments, construction firms, shippers, carriers, state, health care institutions, universities, railroads, port authorities and other transportation and infrastructure stakeholders to achieve their funding needs through Congress, and Executive Branch or Federal agencies.

A client’s success for any transportation grant is directly dependent upon the quality of representation before the respective Agency at either the State or Federal level.  Once a client has completed and filed its own application for a grant proposal, the core mission of WSJ Group comes into focus.  We then utilize our skills to provide the best hope for favorable outcome of the award.

WSJ Group expertise extends to aviation, aerospace, agriculture, alternative fuels, automotive safety, construction, infrastructure, energy, environment and ecology, maritime, and rail. Additionally, this list includes uidance to potentially obtain clearance for the movement and shipment of dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

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