Structuring, Capitalization, Mergers and Acquisitions

WSJ Group partners have significant expertise in working with corporations and investment banks, and the legal teams that support them, to guide the transaction efforts for structuring small and large scale projects and business initiatives for capitalization, and equally for potential mergers and acquisitions.

By anticipating potential concerns and devising a strategy to ensure support and timely approval of the transaction, our team builds upon successful experience within the private sector and government for both domestic and international transactions.  As many of large transactions are having intensified oversight for national security, economic prosperity, and anti-trust, our clients are aided by the guidance from the WSJ Group and our partners in meetings with Executive Branch, Congressional, State and local leadership.  The most forthright effort to assure transparency without compromise of the private negotiations has shown a proven record for support by these decision makers.

Corporate Office Locations
Louisiana:   1306 Constantinople St., New Orleans, 70115
The District:   1916 R Street NW, Suite 306, Washington, 20009