Public Sector Advocacy

The principals of the WSJ Group have lengthy experience in the representation of state, county and municipal governments and state and local government agencies.  Public sector clients are routinely affected by legislative and regulatory action taken at the federal level.  The cost of maintaining offices and a full-time staff of in-house employees in Washington, D.C. can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and can be cost-prohibitive for all but the largest agencies. In addition, smaller and medium-sized agencies may have issues that require the full-time availability of critical expertise occasionally, but not to the degree that would justify an in-house full time staff.

At the WSJ Group, we provide our clients with the benefit of a constant “ear to the ground” in Washington, D.C. and in state capitals to keep our clients apprised of developments that concern them.  This local presence in capitals can be especially critical when policy proposals are in the early stages of discussion. Having on-site, readily available expertise can give tremendous advantages in building awareness among legislators and regulators about our clients’ policy priorities.

In addition, legislative and regulatory processes can often operate in fits and starts, with bursts of action being interspersed with months of seeming inactivity.   WSJ Group provides our clients with a full-time government affairs staff capability whenever it is needed, allocate staff resources to other projects at the times when it is not, and ramp up again as needed without the loss of institutional memory on our clients’ projects.

The representation of public sector clients presents unique challenges with which we are deeply familiar. Public sector clients are typically run by elected or appointed officials who must justify their use of public dollars at all times.

Corporate Office Locations
Louisiana:   1306 Constantinople St., New Orleans, 70115
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