Housing and Urban Development

The future of Federal funding of programs to house the elderly, veterans, disadvantaged, poor and the disabled is important to the American family.  With the growing demands on many families to care for extended family members via support and supplemental programs, WSJ Group provides clients a place to strategically gain Federal, State and local housing and urban development initiatives. Our team has served in leadership positions within the Federal, State and Local levels, including Executive Branch and Congressional committees in Washington, D.C., where decisions are made affecting housing finance and policy.

WSJ Group’s team of professionals brings its clients the experience and expertise with the complex legislative and regulatory issues that are often more numerous than most originally appreciate. ¬†These include the need to address perspective financial institutions, and the needs of consumer groups, associations and government at the Federal, State and local level.

Corporate Office Locations
Louisiana:   1306 Constantinople St., New Orleans, 70115
The District:   1916 R Street NW, Suite 306, Washington, 20009