Environment, and Green Governance

With the ever-growing focus on the environment and climate change, our experts understand that the varied debates within the States, Washington, and internationally which cannot occur without the proper and balanced discussion of the issues and concerns. Adherence to environmental stewardship is daily importance to improve the ecology of our lives and our world.  The growing movement across the globe to adhere to a new policy of Green Governance is where clients of the WSJ Group benefit most.

The mission and policy for Green Governance is to develop strategy to solutions for the public, business and lawmakers to enhance responsible investments in technology and other endeavors to improve the environment and quality of life for mankind, while maintaining our economic prosperity.

ALL modern economies must meet demands for reliable and affordable sources of energy either in the form of current or future alternative fuels technology, which is the key global component of maintaining the current standard of living for developed countries and those that aspire to a better standard of living.  Until the future delivers on the investment in new technology, we must deliver reliable energy sources while also being responsible to future generations for care of the global environment.

WSJ Group and its affiliated team draws upon experience gained within the private sector business of environmental consulting, remediation and cleanup, capitalization and structuring, construction, transportation and infrastructure, technology research and development. In addition, our experience expands to Federal and State government, and on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.  This includes direct work at forming policy or building consensus to constructive discussion on the future of environmental regulation at the Federal Departments and Agencies of Energy, EPA, Homeland Security, NASA, Agriculture, the Interior, State, Transportation, and Commerce.  This is the mission and policy of Green Governance, and the WSJ Group provides its clients the means to conduct these initiatives.

We keep close to the debates from both the legislative and regulatory perspective.   WSJ Group provides its clients the most recent information about environmental regulations and the new initiatives for carbon capture and sequestration, and regulations and policy with a balance to economic prosperity while also preserving our land, air and water for future generations.

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