Agriculture is an industry that is important in every state. State Legislatures and Congress has jurisdiction over many relevant issues impacting agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry, including: food supply, bioterrorism, homeland security, federal nutritional assistance programs, farmland conservation, forest management, trade, environmental stewardship, hazardous materials transport, biotechnology, rail service, and crop protection resource regulation.

The actions of the legislative bodies may also have unintended consequences that hinder growth due to overly complex environmental regulations and the slow review of proposed mergers. The WSJ Group has assisted its agricultural clients with securing beneficial relationships within relevant State leadership and Congressional committees and Members. Our team of professionals have fostered of relationships with political leadership with agricultural constituencies, and within the U.S. Department of Agriculture; Foreign Agriculture Service; Farm Services Agency; the Department of Labor; Department of Transportation; Surface Transportation Board; other federal agencies; and non-governmental organizations such as the American Farm Bureau, the Fertilizer Institute, and commodities growers.

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