WSJ Group LLC provides advocacy, lobbying, and strategic consulting services to private business.  Our services include business strategy, expansion and development; including regulations, permitting, legislations, policy and grant application support.  These services also cover association, organization, political and/or initiative campaign management.

Working in alliance with Seersucker Strategies.

Our Expertise

Our expertise encompasses issues of concern to energy & environmental issues, healthcare including behavioral health, information technology, industrial manufacturing, and transportation-infrastructure, shipping, & freight.

James Wiggins

James Wiggins has many years of experience in representing businesses before local, state and federal government. In 2009 he founded of the WSJ Group LLC, a firm that specializes in strategic consulting and lobbying/governmental relations, and serves as President/CEO.  His firm consults regularly with business clients on matters large and small; plus lobbying at every aspect of Local and State level, and a Federal level too.  

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